Wildlife Photography Masterclass

Picture of DVDJoin two of Britain's top wildlife photographers for your own personal introduction to wildlife photography.

Award winning professional wildlife photographers and authors David Tipling and Chris Gomersall present expert and detailed advice to get you started in wildlife photography.

In a clear and understandable way you'll learn all about choosing and using equipment, correct exposure techniques and how to process your images on a computer.

So if you've ever wanted to learn the secrets behind the stunning wildlife images you see in magazines and books then this DVD is for you!

Read what people are saying about the new Masterclass release:

'...a great launching point for any budding wildlife photographer...'

Jeff Meyer, Amateur Photographer Magazine, rated 4 out of 5 stars

'Wow! Before you take another single nature photograph, watch Wildlife Photography Master Class! Chris Gomersall and David Tipling are photographic masters who share their decades of experience in this incredible new DVD. I only wish I'd had this DVD and all its excellent content, tips, and techniques years ago, before I started taking wildlife photographs. Imagine all the needless frustration I could have avoided! This DVD will set you on the path to taking the wildlife photos you've always dreamt of taking!'

Bill Thompson, III, Editor, Bird Watcher's Digest, www.birdwatchersdigest.com

Order the first in the new Masterclass DVD series - now available for shipping worldwide!

What's on this DVD

bullet Kit Bag - begin wildlife photography on a budget. Everything from point-and-shoot cameras to digital SLRs explained
bullet Hide & Seek - choosing and using camouflage equipment and hides to get you close to that elusive subject
bullet In the Field - follow our photographers as they tackle a range of subjects in their own back garden, find foxes near a local footpath and experience a magnificent sea bird colony at the coast
bullet Digital Darkroom - everything you need to know about editing, enhancing and backing-up your wildlife photographs
bullet Garden Bird Feeder Station - join the experts as they explain how to get great images of garden birds wherever you live

Special Features

bullet Exposure Bootcamp - understand how your camera sees and records light and how you can control it to produce creative images
bullet Bonus digital workflow section - extended footage to guide you through some of the most popular photo editing software available


bullet All the images you can see on this page - the harvest mouse, red fox and gannet - were all taken exclusively for this Masterclass. All the field skills and camera techniques required are covered in depth on this DVD.
bullet Exclusive footage never seen anywhere else

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